C. Roger Lewis Insurance Agency is now a member of the elite Keystone Insurers Group!

Keystone Insurers Group has provided an opportunity for highly successful agencies all across the nation to join forces and become part of one larger elite network with greater resources, more bargaining power and significantly more clout in the insurance world. C. Roger Lewis Insurance Agency qualified to become a member of Keystone. The selection process was thorough and difficult. We are honored to be a part of something so exclusive and influential.

Becoming a member of Keystone now makes us part of the 2nd largest agency partnership in the country with over 200 other partner agencies location in 11 states (and growing)! As a member of KIG, our premium volume has effectively jumped to $1.6 billion and we now have access to over 200 companies. We now have more companies willing to insure your business than most other agencies have.

Being part of the Keystone network allows us to acquire the many benefits and resources of a larger company. Yet, we are still able to remain completely independent and to continue giving the personal service and expertise we are known for.

But what does all of this mean to you?

1. We’ve got more companies willing to insure your business than any other agency has. You’re in business, so, you know competition drives down price. We can save you money and do an outstanding technical job in providing the coverage you need.

2. We have access to full-time risk managers to help you and us properly handle any situation regardless of how difficult or unique it is.

3. If you have concerns about employee safety, absenteeism, or problems with OSHA, we have people who can help.

4. We have a full-time employee benefits staff just waiting to work with you.

5. If you have a large or difficult claim, we have a claims specialist that works for me and you, not the insurance company.

6. If you have questions about executive benefits, or complex life insurance needs, key person insurance, or buy-sell agreements, we’ve got access to experts for those issues.

7. If you need a plan to get your business up and running after a tornado wipes you out, before a competitor steals your clients, we can help you write that plan.

8. Lastly, we have over 200 of the best partners/agencies in the country. We don’t think you can have a business problem one of our partners hasn’t already figured out how to solve. If we need help, we can get it.

It’s this simple: We are in the unique position to offer you all the services of one of the nation’s largest agencies, and at the same time you get the benefits of working with people you know and trust. People who live and work in the same community you live and work in.

We want to earn your business and keep it. We also want you to feel that C. Roger Lewis Insurance Agency is an agency that you would refer to your friends and other businesses.


Read more about Keystone here.

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